Our firm differentiates itself from others its size based experience. Our principles have on average over 35 years of experience in their field. To better assist our clients we offer services in a wide spectrum of of disciplines. We are able to offer our clients full design packages including not only architectural design services but also structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design. Below please find key members of the Atelier LA team. For more information simply click on a name to see a full resume detailing specific project based experience.

Jose M. Fonseca is the director of design for Atelier L.A. Design & Development, Inc. and leads all aspects of architectural design. He brings 32 years of architectural design experience in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Mr. Fonseca has been instrumental in creating a true design culture of innovation and understanding at Atelier.

Marco Giordano brings more than 15 years of construction document experience to Atelier L.A. Design & Development, Inc. and currently supervises all aspects of the construction document production process. Mr. Giordano has direct experience in clinics and hospitals, schools, justice and detention facilities, law enforcement headquarters, retail food locations, custom residential projects, manufacturing facilities and medical office buildings.

Rao Nunna is a structural engineer with more than 40 years of experience providing structural design for educational, commercial, health care, government, hospitality, and recreational facilities. Mr. Nunna also specializes in performing seismic evaluations and retrofits. Mr. Nunna’s sound judgement and breadth of knowledge in the field of structural engineering is the backbone of Atelier LA ‘s structural engineering team.